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my 2014

What a year, really, what a wonderfully odd year, I am excited about what the next year will bring, really I am. so much happened, I turned 30, I got into my groove at the office and really worked my butt off, I joined a new gym, after I realised that I had gained 10kilos in the space of one year. I set a new target. 131 by 31, yup, I intend to lose 24 pounds in 6 months which is an average of 1 pound a month. Now the cool part - If I hit my goal, If I lose these 10kgs, I will reward myself with a trip - there has to be a reason for a trip to Malaysia, hopefully i get to see Maya and the crazy one after all these years.

I also met some great people this year. Kelly, Jamie, Gabby, Will, Helen at the house and she is such a gentle soul and the one I think is going to turn into a long friendship Marion Grace, a writer based out of Kigali, I have come to the point where I know that I have to stop talking about things and actually doing something. If I want to write, I have to write, and not go on about how much I like writing, and if I want to paint, I must paint, if I want to lose weight and get fit, I need to put in the time, NO EXCUSES.

So it sounds like a new year's resolution but really it is a new beginning.. I know cliche!!, but seriously, I figure to lose a pound a week I need to walk an average of 20minutes, every day which is 140minutes per week, a little over 2 hours. I can do it, this will be done.

The trip to the States was amazing, it was so wonderful to see Gen again and to find that she hadnt changed at all, it was like no time had passed. she made love Atlanta and now I feel like I must go back. What a warm city, and it makes all the difference that Gen, Tanya, Ben and Gabby are there.

I am excited about the next year, I feel sure that something great is going to happen, something always does and just knocks you off your feet, but I am excited about this one. The next big change. #bringit

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